Non fiction:

Waiting for a little something…

A motivational memoir which is as real as it is miraculous.

After getting married, trying for a baby was the next logical step. But nothing happened. Nothing. Months and months of nothing. Medical tests showed that there were issues on both sides and treatment would be required to even have a small chance of getting pregnant. But with almost 100 pounds of weight loss standing in the way, Elizabeth Lockwood just couldn’t see how it would be possible.

But it was, and after losing weight, IVF treatment became a reality. Two treatment cycles later, and no baby, Elizabeth turned to running to aid her mental health. In training for marathons she found a positive way to move forward.

But then it all changed…

Little Something is about hopes, dreams, and resilience. Finding ways to illuminate the darkness, and never ever giving up. Oh, and the miracles that occur when you least expect them.

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Academic writing:

Trauma and Absent Parents in Fairy Tale and Fantasy: Fairy Stories, Harry Potter, Twilight and His Dark Materials.

A psychoanalytical study of children’s literature, focusing on trauma theory.

Available to read here.